Making Changes

Friday was my last day of work as an administrative aid at a major university. As of yesterday, I’m officially making stuff for a living.

Pretty cool, no?

I disappeared from blogging pretty thoroughly in January because we’d been given a test shipment of printers to assemble and all of my energy went to learning how to do that as best I could in a short time frame. I had never built anything more complicated than an Ikea bookshelf before. Two weeks ago, I put in my two weeks notice at the university, and Friday I said goodbye to my coworkers and students. It was hard getting everything wrapped up so that I could leave, but it was even harder to say goodbye to my coworkers and the students we saw every day. 

I’ve probably made every mistake that can be made while putting together a 3D printer, but now I know what mistakes can be made and how to fix them. A word to the wise: test everything thoroughly, and double-check it twice.

I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m excited to be doing something new. I know how far my abilities have come in the last few months and I intend to keep seeing them grow. I wish I could say more right now, but this is as much as I can say right now.


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