Nice to Meet You

"Hello, world."

Oh, hi there!

Well, hello there, nice to see you, how’s the weather?

I’ve declared 2013 to be the year I make things. I’ve started experimenting with vlogging, cooking, crocheting, 3D printing, and (most frightening of all) exercising. I dabble in writing fiction, and when the mood takes me I attempt to turn the pictures in my head into something tangible–my preferred medium for artistic endeavors of that nature is colored pencil. With the year more than half gone now, I’ve decided to create a blog to help put my recipes, handicrafts, and general thoughts into a format that might be a little easier to follow than sitting through one of my videos.

I don’t imagine I’ll do everything well, but perhaps I can get a good grounding in a bit of everything. I want to learn as much from my mistakes as my successes. I love to travel and worked overseas for two years. When I can’t physically get a

way and explore, I tend to read fantasy novels and go forth to all the places my feet can’t take me.

I’m glad to have you here and look forward to sharing my trials, errors, and successes. My first attempt at 3D printing resulted in having to start the print over half a dozen times. My first skillet of carnitas…I don’t even want to talk about it. But through it all I’m learning and having some great successes and can’t wait to see where else I go.

Feel free to find me on YouTube or Google+.


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